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Born in Hollywood and raised by an Emmy-winning sound engineer, Delane spent her youth watching make believe happen in front of her eyes and chaos ensue all around her. Whether deep in the trenches of the Writers’ Room or on one of the stages at ABC Prospect Studios, she played with and learned from the many spectacular artists she had the incredible fortune to be surrounded by. After earning her degree, she strapped a battered typewriter to her back and traded in all that stardust and pretend in search of some real-life adventure.

She got her first publishing contract at the age of 19 with The Advocate and has since written countless articles and had her short stories featured in many different anthologies. She's written five novels, six specialized novel-length fictions, and just completed a three-book romantic suspense saga. She's hard at work on her next project...

While Delane’s writing is the only thing left of the flashy Hollywood life she once lived, she’s learned how to turn her ironic curse of loving absolutely everything and nothing at all into characters that live ferociously on every page, and using the hazy clouds of sleep deprivation to create worlds so inviting one would eagerly disappear into them; odd skills, but they’ve earned her several award nominations, including a Hugo, a B.R.A.G., and Best Romance of the Year. And although she doesn’t have one of those Golden Statues like most of the adults she knew while growing up, the owners of them provided an infinite well of knowledge, ideas, character quirks and flaws, jokes, memories, and smiles… and that is priceless.

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