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Book Cover Animation &
3D Mockup  Services

Somewhat FAQ

Book Animation FAQ: FAQ
fantasy mock.png

How will I work with you?

I keep in touch with authors during the animation process to ask/answer questions or to make any changes that have been requested. As a slightly OCD author myself, I understand that entrusting your cover to someone isn't easy. Believe me, your work and your sanity are safe with me.

Chaos in paradise mock.png

What will I do?

Custom-Made Animated Book Cover in mp4 & gif formats. 

Custom, Animated Book Trailer with your cover art, reader reviews, stock photos, etc., in mp4 format.

3D mockups of your book cover as a paperback, iPhone, and iPad in genre-specific, stylized settings.

Lost Memories ipad mock.png

What won't I do?

Quite a few things... but specifically, I do not design book covers. You need to provide me with the files that you want me to design into mockups and/or animations for your book.

1301 mock.png

What are the payment options?

Carrier pigeon if you have one. If not, Paypal works best.

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