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North of Ordinary, Book Two-No Ordinary Betrayal

North of Ordinary, Book Two-No Ordinary Betrayal


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Vance is a man who is used to getting his way professionally, but it took him almost forty years, a car accident, and a coma to find the love of his life, Lennon. Even though his wife, Max, is cheating on him, a divorce could affect his very public career, so he keeps his personal life secret. When he discovers that Lennon and Max are friends, he must decide the lengths he’ll go to prevent them from learning the truth about each other.


Deeply in love with Vance, Lennon enjoys the front row adrenaline rush of Vance’s crowded concerts, as well as romantic weekends out of town. However, as she watches him prepare for the release of his new album and accompanying tour, everything changes drastically. After Lennon turns to Max for advice, her issues with Vance miraculously seem to disappear—until someone mistakenly shatters her entire world with a single word.


It isn't entirely surprising that Vance bursts into Adam’s house in the middle of the night—considering what he found—but Adam is finally happy, finally getting all that he’s waited for these long, lonely decades. There’s no way he’d even consider doing what Vance is demanding. However, Vance is a man who is used to getting his way…


NO ORDINARY BETRAYAL is about getting what you want, losing everything you have, being betrayed in the worst way imaginable, and deciding what to do about it.


It is Book Two in the NORTH OF ORDINARY Saga that journeys from the fast-paced, hard-rocking nightclubs of Hollywood to the isolated wilderness of Alaska. Told from three distinct points of view, it explores how four people’s quest for love intersect and finally collide as they discover that, while everyone makes mistakes of the heart, some are misguided and can even turn deadly.



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